What is FoodTerest?

All Food & Drinks in One PlaceFind great food and drinks, food recipes, places to enjoy good food with FoodTerest :)

FoodTerest is a Social Commerce platform for Food and Drinks.  

Listing your products and services on FoodTerest is Free. You can use this social commerce platform to help your business grow. FoodTerest connects businesses with thousands of potential customers everyday through its platform and Btab Network. 

FoodTerest is also a tool to help you Collect, Organise and Share all the nice food you can find on the web. People use FoodTerest to find good food, learn about cooking, and organise their favourite recipes.

What Can You Do with FoodTerest?


Find your Favourite Food!

Amanda uses FoodTerest to do research & collect all types of foods from many restaurant websites. She uses FoodTerest to decide her next place to visit for dinner.  


Passion on Cooking!

Slyvia and Natalie use FoodTerest to learn cooking. They collected many information online and save it in FoodTerest. Foodterest is now their main place for learning, discussion and sharing with other users in FoodTerest.  


Let's Talk About Business!

Jonathan uses FoodTerest to plan for his restaurant's menu. With the combination of ideas in FoodTerest, Jonathan can now spend more time with his children and enjoy better business too!


Wow! A Dessert Lover.

Jane loves dessert very much. She likes collecting dessert information made by expensive restaurants in Australia. Can you believe she is now part time dessert adviser to a 5 stars restaurant. 


Know Your Recipes!

Simone uses FoodTerest to discover new gluten free recipes. She always has a collection of tasty appetizers and desserts she can cook when she’s hungry and looking for ideas.

Thanks for using FoodTerest :) 

  FoodTerest is a Btab business 

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